Friday, June 25, 2010

Bury Your Dead

You can't deny how good these guys are at doing breakdowns, even if you don't like breakdowns. There is just something about them that makes everything they do instantly cool.
Though in saying that, I should probably point out that the above statement only applies when Mat Bruso was the vocalist. For some reason after he left they decided to do two things:
1. Write Nu-Metal songs with breakdowns.
2. Add clean singing.
Big, big, BIG mistakes. However, we can still remember how good they were through their 2 main albums: Cover Your Tracks and Beauty and the Breakdown. Both top hardcore albums, with the latter adding some slight synth work but tastefully, something they have since failed to do. 

Seriously if you can listen to the song Legend off Cover Your Tracks and NOT mosh, I hate you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts Part #1

So today I had to go into my university to talk with the head of campus about my plagiarising of someone's work. It's my first year at my 'dream' course and I almost completely fucked it up. Since I got the call 3 days ago I have been absolutely SHITTING my pants about the thought of being kicked out. On top of my own paranoia, I had people telling me stories of people getting expelled for less, and people saying "What the fuck are you going to do if you do get kicked out?" Well, to be honest I would have no clue, and that got me thinking: apart from music, what else do I have? I have friends, with a common interest of MUSIC. So if we eliminate MUSIC, I don't have any FRIENDS. And if I don't have any FRIENDS, well that's FUCKED.

Basically you're sitting there going "What a faggot", but seriously, on a serious note seriously, but seriously... But yeah. Anyway, you have to understand how I've been building this course up since I was 15 and telling everyone how I've been enjoying, and I was/am. But if I got kicked out after 1 semester, I'm pretty much nothing. So yeah I have stuff, and I have friends, and I have music, and thankfully after today I still have a reason to wake up. Yeah they didn't kick me out.

Anyway, since I've been stressing and sleeping all day lately I haven't been doing any blogs so hopefully I can smash a few out these holidays. I bet you 3 people reading this are siked.

Yes I said 3 people, I see you following me Nick.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


They make me want to believe in God.
Over a period of time these guys have become one of my favourite bands of all time. Musically, they began as a Post Hardcore band a cut above the rest. Strong, powerful and angry, as clear through singer Aaron Weiss's lyrics and vocals on their first album [A→B] Life. 
Their next album Catch For Us the Foxes showed them progress to a more experimental stage, combining elements of Alternative Rock and Indie with overall better and more creative instrumentation. Although it was less 'Hardcore' it still retained much fury behind the lyrics and vocal style, however there were spots of a more mellow (and also a more Christian) Aaron. 
Then came the peak of their career in my opinion. Brother, Sister is and always will be one of my favourite albums. More experimental than Catch For Us the Foxes, but also more passionate and intelligent. Mostly an Indie album, it created a beautiful atmosphere with peaks of brilliance in songs such as Wolf Am I! (And Shadow) and O, Porcupine. They also used more instruments such as Trumpets, Accordion and Harps. 
Their latest album It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright in my opinion is their worst, but it's still miles ahead of most other Indie bands of today. This time they practically threw out any anger and instead made a happy-go-lucky Folk/Indie album. Still enjoyable, but for me it's lost a bit of their spark.

All in all, a top band for any fans of Indie or more experimental types of Post Hardcore. I'd recommend listening to their discography in order, as seeing their progression will give you a whole lot of respect for them as musicians.

[A→B] Life (2002)
Catch For Us the Foxes (2004)
Brother, Sister (2006)
It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright (2009)

I should have said more about the other musicians since they're all amazing, but I can't help it if I'm an Aaron Weiss fanboy.