Friday, July 23, 2010

Cheer up, Charlie

These are some of the albums I tend to listen to when I'm feeling down, or even just to go with my good mood.

The beautiful shoegaze moments and the huge atmospheres created on this album always make me feel heaps better. Every song is solid and enjoyable, making one listen all the way through enough to cheer up anyone.

Pop punk/Pop rock at it's finest. It's basic, repetitive and really not that well written. But the songs are so catchy and ridiculously fun that it's hard not to smile when listening to it. It will always be a guilty pleasure of mine.

Some of the best Indie tunes are on this album. As soon as Caring is Creepy starts, I always am instantly put in a good mood. Really cruise-y, chilled out songs that will get inside your head and force you to feel good.

Their next album It's All Crazy... is clearly a happier record, but this album cheers me up more just because of the sheer amazingness of it. It's passionate and beautiful, and reminds me just how capable and creative the human mind can be.

If you've heard this album then you love it, if you haven't then you will download it right now and then love it. This album pretty much created the Shoegaze genre and is possibly the closest music form to the word Love, which is ironic considering the album title.

I know it's cheesy and a bit over the top in the happiness department, but this feel good album really could cheer up anyone. The overuse of the major scale and the serenity of the vocals make this one of the happiest albums I've ever heard.

Well there you go, these albums always put a smile on my face. Mostly Indie stuff for some reason, but I think just lush sounds and chilled out atmospheres are what turn my moods.

I don't want someone who's depressed to take the Portal album as serious advice and listen to it, because it will probably just cause you to kill yourself and everyone within a 50 mile radius.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


  2. nah the portal part was the only thing i took seriously. the rest is ridiculously humourous.

  3. oh good, that's what i was hoping.